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As the weather warms and the days lengthen, is your attention turning to your garden?

Our Hort-How-To videos hope to inspire those looking for new hobbies; those who want to be gently nudged out of their gardening comfort zone; and to those gardeners who want to improve their gardening skills. 


We also invite those wise owl gardening experts who want to pass on their knowledge and inspire the gardener in all of us, to get in touch if they would like to add value to our Hort-How-To video collection.

...Prepare the soil

Martin Preisig, our Horticultural Chairman provides a step by step tutorial on how to prepare your soil. Martin also teaches how to test the pH of your soil and explains WHY this part of your SOIL PREPARATION is really important when choosing what to grow!

... Plant Jersey Royals

Michael-John Hickey shows us how to plant Jersey Royals for the family at home whilst showing us some tell-tale signs of HEALTHY soils.

... Sow Tomato Seeds

Tom Robinson, our keen and knowledgeable horticultural committee member, shows us how you can sow tomato seeds in RECYCLED toilet rolls.

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