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F.J. Ahier Country Gardens

We have 61 allotments at the F J Ahier Country Gardens in St Lawrence on Mont Cochon. These are leased to plot holders on a yearly lease for £125 (small plot) or £230 (large plot) per year (increase with effect from January 2021). The plot holders grow a fantastic amount of produce on their plots and take pride in caring for them. There is a good sense of community at the allotments, with plot holders often helping each other out and swapping produce with one another. There are regular events held for plot holders that often feature a demonstration on growing or showing produce.



The gardens were formed in 1955 when Francis John Ahier left a bequest to the Horticultural Department and specified in his will that he wished the land to remain in horticulture and not become a building site. During 2008 when the Society celebrated its 175th anniversary, the idea of setting up allotments was mooted.   


Following a meeting held on 2 July 2008, a waiting list to gauge interest was started and after much planning, the Committee decided to go ahead and the site was ready for use by the end of June 2009.  Everyone was enthusiastic and started planting and sowing straight away and by October were picking their own produce. The then Lieutenant-Governor Sir Andrew & Lady Ridgway officially opened and named the gardens on 5 September 2009.

For further information, please contact Horticultural Secretary Rachelle on 860648 or


Waiting List

All our allotments are currently allocated, but we do have a waiting list open and if you would like to place your name on the list, please contact the Horticultural Secretary Rachelle on 860648 or


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