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Timeline of the Jersey Cow


Jerseys in Jersey

The ‘Jersey’ breed of dairy cow originates from the Island of Jersey and is renowned for its beauty, ease of management and natural ability to produce rich creamy milk.  The ‘Jersey’ is a product of the Island, its soil, its climate, its people and their history.

The Jersey Herd Book, established in 1866, is the oldest such record in the world, and it forms the basis of pedigree cattle breeding in the island.  Cattle breeders in Jersey have created a breed of dairy cow that is the most efficient producer of milk and dairy products through centuries of judicious breeding based on the foundations and services of the Jersey Herd Book.

The modern ‘Jersey’ is growing in numbers and is now the second most numerous breed of dairy cow in the world. The breed has been exported to countries all around the world where is has thrived due to its ability to adapt to diverse environments.


To find out more about the breed in its island home follow links to Breed Management and Latest News.


Further reading:

The story of the development of the breed can be found in a book published by the RJA&HS entitled ‘Pioneers of the Jersey Breed’, copies of which are available from the Society.   

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