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I wish that this experience was available to all students in Jersey so we can build a more sustainable future
Student Feedback

Our Cultivate values explain why our rural culture is important and explain the vision of our educational Cultivate Programme. The Cultivate Programme, which is generously supported by the Howard Davis Farm Trust, aims to promote an awareness of our rural culture to the Island’s community, on behalf of the Society and the wider agri-food industry. 


The key message of our Cultivate Programme is that we need to foster the connection between the farm and the plate, in our young people. By doing so we will inspire them to be curious about the agri-food industry and understand the vital role farming plays in maintaining Jersey’s unique culture, its rural landscape, and food security. Young people may even be motivated to find a future in the industry at either a local or a global scale. This is why education and collaboration are at the heart of the Cultivate Programme.


However, the Cultivate Programme is not exclusively targeted at the Island’s youth. We recognise the desire that people of all ages and backgrounds have to get closer to nature, gardening, food self-sufficiency, and environmental stewardship to name just a few.

Project Trident

In February 2020 we welcomed our first Cultivate Project Trident student. The student had the opportunity to learn about a variety of different work environments within the Agri-food industry. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following stakeholders for taking the time to enhance the students Project Trident experience by teaching the student about the structure and role of their organisation; Lodge Farm, Bond Street Health, Douet Farm, La Ferme, Jersey Dairy, RJA&HS Horticultural Department, Christine Gill, Jersey Hemp, The Jersey Royal Company, Joe Freire, St Helier Parks & Gardens, Erik Rueb Engineering and Overdale Horticultural Group.

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Our Cultivate Garden is designed to be both an outside classroom for schools to use and a community space for collaborating with like-minded organisations. It is a calm and natural learning space that aims to foster well-being and a sense of awe and wonder in wildflowers, wildlife and in the growing of fruit and vegetables. By thinking creatively, our Cultivate Garden can offer a range of curriculum-based activities that focus on the Sciences, Humanities, the Arts, and even English and Maths. We are very excited to be able to offer our Cultivate Garden as an outdoor learning facility to schools.


To find out more or to arrange a visit to the Cultivate Garden, email

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