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  1. Cattle born on Jersey Island and registered in the RJA&HS’s Jersey Herd Book, which are then transferred into the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK‘s dataset following export to the UK, will have all post export event data details for future production, progeny and classification only showing on the UK system. Equally, back pedigree details for closely related animals retained on Jersey Island will not automatically update on the UK system, once the export event from the Island has taken place. Both societies are looking into how this two-way data exchange can be improved for such animals.

  2. The full RJA&HS dataset, a subset of which also acts as Jersey Island’s National Cattle Database, may presently include ‘Jersey Cross’ beef cattle as options to view.   


Pedigree Search

This function will enable an animal search facility through the National Bovine Data Centre hosted RJA&HS database for cattle registered in Jersey Island.

It is possible to search for animals by Prefix, Part Name, Serial Number, Official Eartag Number or Herd Book Number.


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